Friday, November 9, 2012

Room Reveal {Finally}

I guess I could just say I'm Back... again.

Every once in a while I'll have this thought "I should go post something".

But I never quiet get around too it. Well here I am! Finally!
My room's not quite finished, not sure if it will every be 'finished', but I was able to accomplish quite a lot over the summer. (which was how long ago?!)

Then Allison took her camera to China. :(

And I got really busy.

But I have finally settled down to show you the big reveal!


New shelves, hanging basket, mason jars, flowers, bows, mirror, pin and needles, sewing machine.
What could be better?
I mainly did one wall in my room {which was empty} adding the shelves, mirror and baskets. I love how it turned out! Thanks to my dad for helping my with this project! He bought the wood, hardware and put it together.


My cubicle which also holds my fabric bolts. Plus my fabric bulletin board.


Homemade flower accents and bows.


Hooks to hold a few diaper bags.


Mason jars to hold my scissors, pencils, pens, and anything else.


Embroidery Hoop projects. Sew on shop labels. Pins. Mason Jar with elastic.


Add some buttons, lace and homemade flowers. I painted the shelves a lighter green than my wall and 'tried' to distress it with brown undertones. It didn't turn out perfect, but that's ok.


Don't worry I'm not addicted to Star Bucks! {to be honest I've only been there once} But they make great button jars!

I also have a new thread rack! {YES!} Which I'll share next week. :)


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