Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here's what I've been doing...

I am SO excited!!!!!!  Yep. I'm very serious. Since last Monday I have been constantly working on Speech for this year! And I am very happy to say that I am almost done writing them. I just have to put a few finishing touches on my Biographical Narrative. After that comes an endless amount of memorizing and practicing. Yay!

Last year I did Debate and Impromptu. This year I'll be doing a Biographical Narrative, Original Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation.

And you probably have no idea what those are.

On a more interesting note. I was working on a new diaper bag design, before I dropped everything, and I'll be making a couch cover for my Mom. When these things will get done I have no idea. But when they are I'll be sure to share!

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